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We work very hard for our customers because nothing pleases us more than helping our clients acheive the dream of affordable home ownership. We want to add you to our list of very satisfied customers.

Read what others have said about working with us:

As first time homebuyers, trying to understand all of the ins and outs of home buying financially was quite overwhelming and because of our unique financial burdens, many lenders could not help us. We were recommended by our realtor to talk with Rick to get a second opinion as we were unsure about using another lender. From the very beginning, we knew we made the right decision in doing so as Rick was thorough, honest and spent the time to allow us to understand every penny we were spending. We are very grateful for Rick, his flexibility and timeliness and helping to guide us along the way. His professionalism and understanding superseded far what we expected and would highly recommend him to provide the same for anyone else looking to purchase a home!

- Sam M.
Cleveland, OH | March 11, 2019

Being self-employed makes it tough to get a loan. Our loan was especially difficult. Rick worked like mad to with true dedication to finding us the best options with the best rates. He was always available to answer questions and help with the process. Others failed miserably and Rick was able to get us into our new home. I would recommend him to any and everyone. Thanks Rick

- Katie Knighton
-, ID | December 01, 2017

Rick did a outstanding job with the refinace of our home. He was on top of the game and he completed his task by finding us the lowest interest rate. Thank You for all you have done for us in the years.

- Kimberlie Jameson Riley
-, ID | March 25, 2018

just wanted to take a minute and tell you thanks!! We really appreciate everything you did… Keeping us updated and current on all the information…Letting us to know Where we were in the process…And for being upfront and honest with us! It was nice doing business with you!! And that definitely send people your way!!

- Tammy Bircumshaw
-, ID | February 03, 2018

Rick was very helpful in helping me refi my home. Rick was willing to answer any question I had . My loan only took 14 days from start to finish. I would highly recommend Rick to my friends and family.

- Dena Bingham Lund
-, ID | March 29, 2018

First time home buyers so we came into the market head on. The experience we had with Rick made everything seem smooth. He is very professional and gets things done FAST. It was nice to have him explain and confirm everything throughout the process. Ricks the man.

- Lazaro Soto
-, ID | March 23, 2018

I got recommended to Rick from our lawyer. I needed to refinance my house. Rick did an excellent job. He kept me informed of everything I needed. He also kept me informed of any documents I needed and when I needed them. His hours were flexible and easy to work around. I highly recommend Rick for your lending needs.

- Rebekah Whitaker Braly
-, ID | March 24, 2018

We worked with Rick to refinance all 3 of our houses. He was the only one that could that that for us! He did a great job and saved us a lot of money!

- Heidi Szerszen
-, ID | November 19, 2017

Rick was easy to work with and a good problem solver! He would be my first choice if I ever refinance my home again. I never felt like I was being "worked over" by a finance wizard! He made me feel like he was genuinely there to help me. A special "Thanks" to you.

- Rita Stafford
-, AK | November 19, 2017

Rick is wonderful to work with - very professional, knowledgeable and he has a real desire to assist his clients purchase a new home! We have worked together, I am a Realtor, and he goes the extra mile for my clients when they purchase a new home. I enjoyed working with him and I know my clients really appreciated him! Lesa Andersen Gilgen - Realtor® with Coldwell Banker Residential

- Lesa Ann Andersen Gilgen
-, ID | March 31, 2018

Rick has guided me through several loans, always with clear and timely communication. I have full confidence in his skill set, and will undoubtedly turn to him again.

- Steve Gange
-, ID | March 23, 2018

Rick has helped us Finance 2 of our rental homes with great rates,is very responsive to any phone call , day or night , he truly cares about you and the costs of your loan , he treats you like a friend and I've personally never met him. He also Refinanced our personal home loan acouple years ago now on a jumbo 15 year loan for 2.8 percent which was highly uncommon , so we are extremely grateful for Ricks knowledge in the Loan and Refinancing Business . I would Recommend Rick to Anyone. Thanks for everything Rick !!!!

- Gene Anderson
-, ID | March 26, 2018

Any question at any time Rick is was there. He made us feel like a priority and we got a great rate no one else could find a leader that could came close. Thanks Rick.

- Brooke Kirschenbaum Cousino
-, ID | November 23, 2017

Rick is awesome to work with!! He makes you a priority and gets everything done extremely quickly. He goes out of his way to find the best rates and puts his clients first. He has helped me with 3 different loans and always is professional and quick and always answers call and gets questions answered in a timely manner. Thanks Rick!!

- Mary Pearson
-, ID | November 29, 2017

Just writing a testimonial for Rick Kirschenbaum for a very professional job with my refinancing of my home. Anytime I needed questions answered Rick was available at all times and or day of the week! He was very honest and easy to work with, he knows this game of the mortgages and the numbers it takes to make it happen. I would highly recommend his company to anyone in need of the buying or refinancing real-estate. Thanks Rick

- Dr. Kasey
-, ID | March 26, 2019

Rick helped me with our mortgage that saved me some money. Thanks

- Rick
Saratoga Springs, UT | April 22, 2019

Rick has helped me refinance my home 2 times. Both times I have gotten the results that I expected. I would highly recommend people to consider working with Rick as he will take good care of you even when he is on vacation. He will take the time to make sure things are going the way you want them to be.

- Jose S Zavala Jr
Magna, UT | April 26, 2019

I’m so very appreciative to Rick for his assistance on my purchase. He was so kind, candid, patient, and of course knowledgeable throughout the process. He provided me the confidence I was lacking as I was pursuing this solo without my husband.  He was complimentary of my credit history and so very “down to earth”! At no time did I feel like a number or even a client, I actually was treated like a dear friend or family. Thank you so very much

- Theresa Kaszubski
Columbus , OH | June 09, 2019

Rick was flexible and efficient. I've never had a loan go so smoothly. He sat down with us and talked out every detail and let us know anytime something had the chance to change. He was open and honest and made the process about what we wanted, unlike the banks that tried to tell us what we were going to get. Can't recommend him enough.

- Solomon and Jessica
Salt Lake City, UT | July 10, 2019

I recommend Rick and Vintage Mortgage highly. Rick was able to get me a better interest rate and a quicker closing date. He also assisted me in helping me raise my credit score so I could take advantage of lower rates. Rick and his team are professional and thorough. Thank you!

- Lisa Kugel
Nampa, IN | April 11, 2018

Hi Rick, I just wanted to thank you for getting the refinancing done on my home. It was the fastest and smoothest finance I've done so far. I do tell everyone about how great a service you provide. Hopefully, you’ll hear from them. I do appreciate your time and effort in getting the loan done in a timely manner. Thanks again. Best wishes

- Balon N Alonso
Salt Lake City, UT | October 19, 2015

After 4 years (5 since it all began) I have been trying to get my house refinanced in my name. I so happy to say that it is finally done! I want to thank Rick Kirschenbaum of Vintage Lending for helping me. Not only was he willing to take on my crazy situation, he was there to explain every step and made the process easier. My situation is so much better now and I am forever grateful!

- Leslie W.
-, ID | September 10, 2015

Done many deals with Rick and will do many more!! My husband and I have done several purchasing loans, as well as refi's with Rick and will continue to do more. We own a couple of homes as well as rental properties and Rick always finds us the best deals and the best rates. He is great to work with, has many helpful colleagues and we are always satisfied with his work. Rick tries to make the closing as easy as possible, we have even signed the final papers in our own home in order to accommodate my husbands crazy travel schedule. Another great thing about Rick, is that he doesn't forget about you. If in the future the market changes and better deals come up, he will call and let you know that you have options. We have worked with him for years, I have recommended him to my family and friends and we will continue to call on Rick in the future. I highly recommend giving Rick the opportunity to help you.

- Anonymous
 , UT | March 03, 2014

We have used Rick for 3 loans so far. 1 purchase and 2 refinances. All have gone smoothly with no delays or extra costs. What more can you ask for from your mortgage professional. If you want someone that will personally work hard for you, and not get lost in some unknown online maze, Rick will personally walk you through the complicated process making it seem easy.

- Anonymous
 , UT | March 03, 2014

Rick is a true professional! Rick helped me get my loan on my house and he did an outstanding job. Rick kept me informed every step of the way and made things very easy for me. I refer all my family and close friends to Rick because of his excellent service and always going the extra mile to minimize the problems that can arise during a loan process. Rick knows his job and does it very well. This is not my first purchase. I know the difference between a good broker and a bad one. You want Rick Kirschenbaum.

- Anonymous
 , UT | March 03, 2014

Rick gets it done right! Rick is excellent at getting the best price on a loan. He is very professional, prompt, and gets things done. I have used him on my original home loan, then again to refinance. He is good at cutting through all of the complex wording to describe what it actually means. He also has a cracker jack paper-working team. I wouldn't hesitate to use him in the future. Very good!

- Anonymous
 , UT | March 03, 2014

Rick puts himself forward for his clients! When I had my house financed, Rick worked hard to get a great set of terms for my loan. He even put his office's reputation on the line to make sure my loan got a great rate, when the bank wouldn't work around some minor construction closing delays. I would definitely do business with Springwater again. (In fact, I did, when the interest rates kept coming down and I refinanced to lower mine.

- Anonymous
 , UT | March 03, 2014

Rick was wonderful! Rick helped me refinance my home to get a better interest rate. My rate was already pretty low, but he was able to help me save about $350 per month by refinancing. He was great to work with and made the process easy for me. He knows all the ins and outs in order to get the best deal possible for his clients. If I ever refinance in the future, I will use Rick. I will refer any family or friends that need to refinance to him as well. I am very happy and satisfied with his services.

- Anonymous
 , UT | March 03, 2014

Best Refinance Rates! Rick demonstrated a superb knowledge of mortgage rates and the strengths and weaknesses of a broad array of financial institutions. He guided us to a company that provided the absolute lowest rates possible and helped us assemble the required documents. He did a great job.

- Anonymous
 , UT | March 03, 2014

The best and easiest Mortgage/Refinance I have every been though. Rick & Shantel were wonderful. They took the stress away and were always there when we had questions or concerns. We were truly delighted with the end results and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to all our family and friends. Thank you so much Rick & Shantel.

- Chris & Doris Nadal
Francis, UT | March 03, 2014

Wonderful Experience! We enjoyed working with Rick. He is extremely professional and works had to assist you to get the refinance completed timely. We will use Rick the next time we are needing mortgage assistance.

- Anonymous
 , UT | March 03, 2014

As soon as we talked to Rick, we knew he understood the refinance market. He worked quickly to lock in an optimal interest rate for us and guided us patiently as we gathered our documents. In a very reasonable amount of time he was able to finalize a new mortgage that took years off our payments while maintaining our financial security. We also were most grateful for the sincere consideration he showed us during the process. It was a pleasure to work with him. Rick would be at the top of our list if we ever need to refinance again.

- Anonymous
 , UT | March 03, 2014

Definitely Recommend! For anyone wanting a mortgage but not sure if you'd even qualify, this is the person for you. Rick helped my husband and I buy our dream home. We didn't think us owning a home would every happen. Especially one that we absolutely loved. We were able to get a surprisingly great rate and close in under 30 days. I would definitely recommend him and will use him again if I have any future needs.

- Anony
 , UT | March 03, 2014

RICK ROCKS! Rick took the necessary time to understand our needs and then undertook an exhaustive search for what proved to be the best refinance for us. He took care of every detail, and advised us with professionalism along the way. He was a pleasure to work with and I'm sure we could not have done better elsewhere.

- Anonymous
 , UT | March 03, 2014

Over the years I have refinanced three times with Rick to get a better rate. He knows all the angles to get you the best deal. If I ever refinance again, I will call Rick.

- Anonymous
 , UT | March 03, 2014

I have worked with Rick Kirschenbaum for the last 6 years. I never stress over his closings because his clients are always very happy and appreciative of him. Unlike other loan officers he never has added fees that are not disclosed up front. His interest rate is always as he has disclosed. Rick is always able to get the loans done even the tough ones. He seems to always find a way to make it work. He is a very caring and hard working individual. I refer all my family and friends to him! I wished all my loan officers worked as he does. It would make my life much easier. SEVERAL LOANS WITH RICK KIRSCHENBAUM!

- Anonymous
 , UT | March 03, 2014

My husband and I have done several purchasing loans, as well as refis with Rick and will continue to do more. We own a couple of homes as well as rental properties and Rick always finds us the best deals and the best rates. He is great to work with, has many helpful colleagues and we are always satisfied with his work. Rick tries to make the closing as easy as possible, we have even signed the final papers in our own home in order to accommodate my husbands crazy travel schedule. Another great thing about Rick, is that he doesn't forget about you. If in the future the market changes and better deals come up, he will call and let you know that you have options. We have worked with him for years, I have recommended him to my family and friends and we will continue to call on Rick in the future. I highly recommend giving Rick the opportunity to help you. RICK IS MY NUMBER ONE LOAN OFFICER!

- Anonymous
 , UT | March 03, 2014

I have a trusted friend and real estate agent in Logan, Utah, Justin Nunez, who lined me up with Rick as my Mortgage Broker last year when we were looking in for a house in Utah County. It was a real stroke of luck for us. Beyond being personable, patient, and extremely helpful in explaining the basics of things I don't normally deal with, he got me a nearly un-heard-of rate at the time, and the best rate I could have ever gotten. (It was a fortunate combination of the amount of money I had on hand to put down and the interest rate at the time.) I recommend him to anyone I know, and I'll use him again for myself or my children when they are looking for housing in the near future. I not only liked working with him, I liked him personally.

- Eric Bates
Utah County, UT | March 03, 2014

Rick was one of many people/groups that I contacted to do my refinance. He was quick to respond and showed his concern and knowledge. So I decided to work with him. I am glad I did. He discovered some problems with my credit report and with his guidance I was able to increase my score and qualify. Though this took time and interest rates increased during this time, his constant work and willingness to serve still made a nice reduction in my interest rate. I will be referring others to Rick because of his professionalism and caring about his clients.

- Anonymous
 , UT | March 03, 2014

I am a self employed business owner of a successful mechanical plumbing company. I have been self-employed for over 22 years and have excellent credit. As I tried to refinance my home mortgage through the lender that I had at that time they denied my application even though I was making sizable "extra payments" on the principal balance. When I spoke with Rick the first time he told me he thought we could make this work but it would take some extra effort on our part. The phrase of "peeling back the onion" was what he referred to it as. After many phone calls and submissions and re-submissions we were successful and I got the lower rate we were looking for. Rick was very courteous, very good at calling back and very patient. I would recommend working with him highly after my experience with Spring Water Capital. Denice Sears, an assistant to Rick, was very detrimental to making everything go smoothly at the conclusion of the project. Again five-star rating in my book.

- Jack Briskey
 , UT | February 28, 2014

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