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With the Conventional 1% Down with Equity Boost program you could buy a home for as little as one percent down. 

Here's how it works:

  • You put 1% down.
  • Your lender contributes 2%.
  • Giving you a total of 3% equity at closing - Enough for a Conventional Loan Program.

Is this for real? Yes. Is there a catch? No. Are there some more details? Yes.

  • The 2% lender contribution may only be applied to the down-payment. It can't be used to pay closing costs.
  • The seller can still contribute to your closing costs.
  • The program can be available with no monthly Mortgage Insurance.
  • This program is available from select lenders.
  • You still have to meet all of the other normal lending criteria, for example: acceptable credit, sufficient income, 2-year job history, acceptable debt-to-income ratios, etc.
  • Minimum 700 FICO Required.

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